Large Scale Change - NHS Mobilisation

Garrow V, Cox A, Higgins T |   | NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement | May 2010

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement is championing the spread of activity to support the cost and quality agenda across the NHS, captured in the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) goals.

In March 2010 the NHS Institute commissioned the Institute for Employment Studies to undertake work to understand how social movement theory could provide insights into how to reconnect the QIPP message to the core values of staff and create a ‘contagious commitment’ to rapidly increasing quality and driving down costs.

This report is structured around a visual summary of the social movement literature.

This provides an overview of how a social movement for change might develop or be orchestrated to achieve desired outcomes such as service improvement and reduction of waste and duplication of activities. It consists of a number of elements which support mobilisation and a number of factors which can hinder the process.