Leadership for Personalised Care

Impact evaluation

Edwards M, Campbell B, Mason B  |   | Institute for Employment Studies  | May 2023

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The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) conducted an independent impact evaluation of the Leadership for Personalised Care (LPC) suite of programmes. The LPC offers a range of programmes that deliver learning and development on the key elements of personalised care, and how this can be introduced into individuals’, organisations’ and systems’ practice. The aim of the programmes is to produce a cadre of people working across health and social care, who can drive forward the personalisation agenda by leading change in their local setting. The programmes originated as a cross-sector partnership initiative across health and social care and are currently hosted by In Control Partnerships and funded by NHS England.

IES conducted a mixed-methods evaluation consisting of a quantitative survey and deep-dive qualitative case studies. The survey aimed to understand any personal attitudinal, cognitive and behavioural change following the programme, while the case studies sought to explore wider changes in the local setting and the subsequent impact. The survey was distributed to 560 programme alumni, of which 84 completed it, demonstrating a 15 per cent response rate. Fifteen interviews were conducted with participants and local stakeholders, to produce seven case studies that documented the personalisation journeys in local settings.

Overall, the programme appears to have had a positive impact on the participants, their communities and people with health and care needs. Participants reported feeling, thinking and behaving differently following the programme.