Leading and Managing in Recession: same or different skills?

Cox A, Fairhurst P, Hadjivassiliou K, Hirsh W, Jones K, Pullen C, Reid B, Tamkin P, Walker E | Report LSIS233 | Learning and Skills Improvement Service | May 2010

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In March 2010, the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) set out to investigate future leadership and management and skills needs during recession, and implications for its learning and development provision.

The research was conducted by the Institute for Employment Studies in partnership with the Learning and Skills Network and The Work Foundation.

The research examined:

  • long-term trends in skills needs for leadership and management through a literature review, including comparisons between the public and private sectors
  • skills required for leadership and management during periods of difficult financial circumstances in national, public sector, and individual provider contexts
  • implications of changing customer needs for LSIS provision, drawing on revisions being undertaken by other providers of management and leadership development, primarily in the public sector.

The report concludes with recommendations for LSIS and the wider learning and skills sector.