Learning Agreement Pilots: Evaluation of the 2008-2009 extension

Maguire S, Newton B, Bates P, Huddleston P, Levesley T, Miller L, Munro M, Usher T | Report 202 | Department for Children, Schools and Families | Dec 2009

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The Learning Agreement Pilots (LAP) were targeted at 16-17 year olds in ‘jobs without training’ (JWT) to increase access to learning options for this group and re-engage them in learning.

The LAP was a joint initiative between Connexions and local Learning and Skills Councils. Within the LAP, young people (and in some areas, their employers) were offered financial incentives including bonus payments and wage compensation.A Learning Agreement was also drawn up, which outlined the accredited training that the young person would undertake.

Three variants of LAP were piloted from April 2006 for a two-year period, with a view to identifying the most successful model. In the 2007 Budget, the Chancellor announced that the LAP would be extended into 2008/9.

This report concentrates on the implementation and delivery of LAP during their extension period from April 2008 to April 2009. The only significant difference between the two delivery phases was the withdrawal of wage compensation paid to employers in two pilot areas from April 2008.