Learning through Work: Literacy, language, numeracy and IT skills development in low-paid, low-skilled workplaces - Audit of Learning

Newton B, Miller L, Braddell A | Report 434 | Institute for Employment Studies | Jul 2006

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The SEEDA-funded basic skills programme created learning partnerships centred on the low-paid workplace in NHS Trusts across the south east region. These learning partnerships delivered literacy, English language, numeracy and IT (LLNIT) skills in NHS workplaces.

These offered a valuable opportunity to investigate, across a number of sites, how on-the-job LLNIT learning might widen participation in learning, to support both organisational performance and the skills development of low-paid workers in the south east.

This report presents findings from the second stage of this project: an analysis of an audit of learning conducted in organisations where low-skilled and low-paid jobs exist.