Long-term Evaluation of Self-employment Assistance Provided by the Prince's Trust

Initial Findings

Meager N, Bates P, Cowling M | Research Report RR292 | Department for Education and Skills | Jul 2001

This report contains initial findings from a three-year study, following a sample of young people (aged 18-30) receiving business start-up support from The Prince's Trust.

The study aimed to identify the wider benefits of such support, in comparison with other labour market interventions and, in particular, to look at the impact of such programmes on longer-term employability.

A representative sample of 2,000 young people across England (who had started their business in the two years prior to the survey) was surveyed four times. This report contains results from the first survey wave. Subsequent waves were also due to include a matched comparison sample of young people not supported through The Prince's Trust.