The Measurement of Organisational Performance

Page R, Jagger N, Tamkin P, Henwood N | Research Report  | Sector Skills Development Agency | Sep 2006

This research project emerged from 'The Contribution of Skills to Business Performance' (Tamkin, 2005), which developed a model of the relationship between HR activities and business performance.

This '4A' model was underpinned by academic evidence on the factors that affect organisational capability, and ultimately organisational activities, outputs and outcomes, and hence drive improvements in performance.

The 4A model focused on the 'front-end' of the relationship between HR inputs (such as training, skills and development), and the bottom line.

This report focuses on the other end of the relationship. Specifically we examine how organisations might measure any changes resulting from their investment in training and skills development, on their activities, outputs and outcomes. Ultimately this means measuring performance.

The project was intended to assist the Sector Skills Councils, set up to work with employers to meet their skill needs and deliver performance improvements in their sectors. As such it aimed to inform their own investigations of sector performance.

This publication is no longer available.

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