Meeting Central London's Skill Needs

A Report for the London Local Skills Improvement Plan

Williams M, Wilson T, Muir D, Talbot J, Brindle B |   | Central London Forward | Aug 2023

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This report sets out the skills needs of employers in central London, and how the skills system could better meet those needs. The report has been prepared by Central London Forward and Institute for Employment Studies to inform London’s Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP). It is based on extensive engagement with employers and other stakeholders.

Chapter 1 sets out the context of the LSIP, highlights the distinct nature of central London’s economy, and identifies five priority sectors. Chapter 2 explores the skills needs of our priority sectors: financial and professional services, information and communication, health and social care, arts, entertainment and recreation and hospitality and retail. 

Chapter 2 also explores two cross-cutting themes: supporting the transition to net zero and tackling labour market inequalities. 

Chapter 3 sets out how we plan to deliver the central London LSIP, taking forward nine actionable priorities: 

  1. Employer engagement – working closely with businesses to help them understand training options, and to co-design provision so that it meets needs;
  2. Industry expertise – provision delivered by tutors with recent industry expertise;
  3. Industry placements – securing quality placements to give learners industry experience;
  4. Flexible provision – short and modular courses, allowing businesses and learners to pick the elements that meet their needs;
  5. Digital provision – to increase accessibility and flexibility of provision;
  6. Updating provision – reviewing content to ensure it reflects industry needs;
  7. Career mapping – highlighting progression pathways available within a sector;
  8. Embedding digital skills – ensuring all provision helps strengthen digital skills;
  9. Improving pay and job quality – to attract recruits and address skills gaps.