Migrants in low-paid low-skilled work in London

Research into barriers and solutions to learning English

Miller L, Braddell A, Marangozov R |   | Institute for Employment Studies | Sep 2013

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English language ability is central to individuals’ ability to find a job and progress in work in the UK. Many migrants in low paid work, however, do not access formal English language learning provision.

In 2013 the Greater London Authority (the GLA), working in partnership with Jobcentre Plus, the Skills Funding Agency and the Association of Colleges to improve the English language training offer for jobseekers, commissioned a small piece of primary research to investigate the English language learning experiences of migrants in low paid work in London and to use the information generated by this work to inform and shape the potential future commissioning of English Language provision aimed at low paid, low-skilled migrants in London.

In 2013 the GLA commissioned the Institute for Employment Studies in partnership with Alexander Braddell Associates, Workbase Training Ltd and GHARWEG to undertake the research. The aim was to seek interviews with a range of migrants with no or low levels of English from a range of countries who were employed across some of the lower-paid sectors in London.