Moving Goods Safely 3

Evaluation Report

Wilson S, Tyers C, Carta E | Research Report RR796 | Health and Safety Executive | Mar 2010

The Moving Goods Safely 3 (MGS3) intervention took place during 2007 and 2008, and targeted risks associated with the movement of goods in the logistics, warehousing, road haulage and goods delivery sectors.

It was delivered through inspections and audits carried out by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authority (LA) inspectors and was designed to be a supply chain initiative.

This report presents the findings of an evaluation carried out during 2008/09, and after the intervention had ceased. It considers:

  • the activities of HSE inspectors who delivered the intervention and the reaction amongst employers and workers in the pilot area to the service
  • the extent to which the MGS3 intervention made an impact on targeted firms, and the relative effectiveness of its main models of delivery
  • whether there was evidence of a 'multiplier effect' up and down supply chains.

The report also identifies some barriers to effectiveness and presents learning points for consideration when designing future interventions of this type.