Occupational Segregation, Gender Gaps and Skill Gaps

Miller L, Neathey F, Pollard E, Hill D | Working Paper 15 | Equal Opportunities Commission | Apr 2004

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In June 2003 the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) launched a General Formal Investigation (GFI) into gender segregation in five occupational areas where there were skill shortages. The GFI was undertaken with funding from the European Social Fund (ESF).

The areas chosen for study in the GFI were amongst the most strongly segregated: construction, engineering, plumbing, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (all male-dominated), and childcare (female-dominated).

As the first stage of a programme of research to support the GFI, the EOC commissioned IES to conduct this review of research and an analysis of labour market and training statistics in the five areas.

The report concludes with a range of actions that should be taken to promote atypical employment to young people, including young children before the age at which key educational and career decisions are taken.