Organisational Values and the Role of HR

A review of current thinking

Culliney M, Robertson-Smith G | HR Network Paper MP92 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2013

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This paper considers existing definitions of values before exploring the current thinking on establishing and embedding organisational values and the part that HR has to play in these processes.

In particular the paper answers several key questions:

  • What is the role of HR in establishing organisational values? Who puts these values into practice and by what process? Why are they developed (for example, to support strategic objectives)? To what extent do values inform or interact with strategy?
  • What is the role of HR in embedding values? How are values embedded in the attitudes and behaviours of employees? How are they reflected in organisational policies and procedures?
  • How are contrasting and conflicting values formed, and how are they managed?
  • What is HR’s role in monitoring values? How is the prevalence of values gauged? How are they kept in line (eg measure opinions (engagement, commitment), in-house surveys?)

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