Outsourcing decision making: Can we make it more considered?

IES Perspectives on HR 2014

Reilly P | HR Network Paper mp99 | Institute for Employment Studies | Jan 2014

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There is a constant drip drip of stories in the press announcing the march of outsourcing. The suggestion is that if you are not doing it then you are old fashioned, off the ball.

One reason for the publicity is the stream of consultants’ reports that describe either new outsourcing deals done or surveys of future intentions. Words, however, do not always live up to deeds.

Or at least that is what we always thought. But now, especially in the public sector and in the age of recession, there may be substance to the prognostications of outsourcing growth.

This paper was also published as an article in IES Perspectives on HR 2014: HR responding to threats and opportunities - see related publications link.