Overview of SSC-based Labour Market Information for Yorkshire and Humber

Williams M, Bates P, Hunt W | Research Report  | Sector Skills Development Agency | Sep 2006

This report aimed to provide a regional overview of labour market information across the Yorkshire and Humber region, focusing specifically on each of the 25 Sector Skills Council (SSC) defined sectors.

The Sector Skills Development Agency (SSDA) and Yorkshire Forward recognised that developing a clear regional picture of the labour market, in terms of the SSC defined sectors, was crucial to the successful interaction of the SSCs with other regional stakeholders.

Through interviews with regional organisations (including Yorkshire Forward and the LLSCs) and representatives from 19 of the SSCs, the report examined the existing and future labour market information needs of the region. It also considered proposals for the most effective methods of separating responsibilities for the development of labour market information, between regional and sectoral bodies.