Planning Training for Your Business

Hirsh W, Tamkin P | Report 422 | Institute for Employment Studies | Aug 2005

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High performing organisations align their training and development strategies and activities with their business needs. This is easy to say, but hard to achieve, especially in large, complex organisations.

The IES research summarised in this report used nine case studies to investigate how organisations plan their training and development activities, how training budgets are managed and where they sit, which processes are used to link training with business needs and how effectively these appear to operate.

The report shows how a range of business needs are relevant: not just top-down strategic priorities, but also more local business issues, unforeseen or suddenly arising needs, and skills or know-how needed by individuals to improve their job performance.

The move towards business partners in HR and/or training and development roles is also impacting on how managers at all levels make an input into training and development priorities.