Precarious Employment in Europe: Country Case Studies

Broughton A, Green M, Rickard C, Swift S, Eichhorst W, Tobsch V, Magda I, Lewandowski P, Keister R, Jonaviciene D, Ramos Martin N E, Valsamis D, Tros F |   | European Parliament | Jul 2016

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This report contains the results of eight country cases studies for Denmark, France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom reviewing precarious employment. The case studies examine three types of employment in each country that were deemed to be at a relatively high risk of precariousness.

The case study report is the annex to the Precarious Employment in Europe: Patterns, Trends and Policy Strategies study. The full report looks at the patterns, trends and policy strategies of European precarious employment. It explores the risk of precariousness of different types of contract, using information from EU data analysis and a literature review, as well as the eight case studies. It finds that there are a range and degrees of risks of precariousness associated with all types of contract, based on key indicators of precariousness.