Preparatory study for an Impact Assessment concerning the possible revision of the legislative framework on the posting of workers in the context of the provision of services

Final report

 | European Commission | Feb 2012

With a view to supporting a legislative intervention at EU level on the Posted Workers Directive, this preparatory study analyses the extent, features and drivers of posting, as well as the benefits and costs related to posting of all the actors involved, with a view to better specify and delimit the problematic areas of the phenomenon.

On these grounds, the study carries out the assessment of the Policy options identified by the EC in terms of their differential impact on the identified problems and issues and on the overall objectives of fostering market integration and strengthening social cohesion.

The study is made up of five sections. Section 1 is devoted to the analysis of posting, in order to define the problem and present the baseline scenario, which is the essential reference for the impact assessment. Section 2 specifies the objectives of the possible legislative intervention.

After the discussion in Section 3 of the basic features of the different Policy options and the selection of their contents, taking into consideration the identified problems and the objectives, the assessment of the impacts is developed in Section 4. Section 5 compares the impacts and the feasibility of the Policy options.