Race Inclusion Reports - Report 2

Encouraging ethnicity data disclosure

Holmes J, Brown D |   | CIPD | Mar 2021

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The Race Inclusion reports, which are informed by CIPD research (conducted between 29 November 2019 and 10 January 2020), discuss the ways in which employers and the HR community can act to eliminate racism in the workplace. Employers are in a strong position to make an impact, through actions such as reducing discrimination, training line managers, establishing employee network groups, and building trust with people from all ethnic minority backgrounds.

The series looks at three key areas that employers need to consider in order to make progress towards improving race inclusion and equality in the workplace:

  • talking about race at work
  • ethnicity disclosure and reporting
  • career progression inequalities

This second report in the Race Inclusion report series looks at the impact of in-depth ethnicity disclosure and reporting. Collecting ethnicity data across an organisation helps employers understand their current position in relation to ethnic diversity. This knowledge can be used by employers to set realistic targets, prioritise their agendas and ultimately, monitor the impact of their diversity initiatives.