The ReAct and Timewise Change Agent Programme: Evaluation Report

Allen A, Mansour J |   | ReAct / Institute for Employment Studies  | Jul 2023

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The Timewise Change Agent programme was developed to help Restart providers increase participants’ access to fair flexible working from day one. A series of online workshops and coaching sessions were delivered in 2022. An evaluation of the programme involved an online survey and virtual interviews with a sample of delegates.

All but one of the change agents responding to the evaluation survey reported an increase in their skills, knowledge and confidence following the programme. Most felt they had successfully cascaded the learning to their organisations, however some found this challenging due to the nature of their roles. Some of the attendees we spoke with were able to provide tangible examples of where they had successfully unlocked job vacancies, resulting in applicants being able to work flexibly from day one. Examples of successful flexible working brokerage included:

  • changing start times, enabling applicants to use public transport
  • the creation of split shifts, creating part time roles that allow applicants to balance work with other needs
  • applicants being placed into home-working roles, allowing applicants to minimise travel time and associated costs

The evaluation report outlines the objectives of the programme, what worked well, what could be improved, and concludes with recommendations for action for developing the programme and rolling it out further, for providers and for DWP.