Recruitment and Training Among Large National Employers

Bates P, Johnson C, Gifford J |   | Learning and Skills Council | Dec 2007

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This research aimed to inform the Learning and Skills Council's understanding of large national employers' attitudes and practices in terms of recruitment and training.

Specifically, the research explored:

  • whether employers prefer to recruit 'ready-made' staff externally or to train 'in-house', and whom they believe has the main responsibility for providing a skilled workforce
  • recruitment practices, and especially the relative roles of qualifications and skills in the sifting process
  • the role of head or national offices in developing training plans and how far these are developed nationally or devolved to local sites
  • the training 'ethos' of companies, including what levels of employee typically receive training and whether the company's views on particular skills are filtered through to its suppliers
  • the different methods companies use to retain staff and what role training plays in this
  • the perceived benefits of training.