Research to support the evaluation of Investors in People

Employer case studies (Year 2)

Cox A, Higgins T, Barnes H, Tamkin P, Jones R, Ni Luanaigh A, Garrett R | Research Report 70 | UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) | Jul 2013

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The report’s findings are based on 15 case studies spread over the two year evaluation programme with three case studies being repeat visits to give a longitudinal perspective.

Investors in People (IIP) was found to be particularly relevant to organisations seeking to grow in employment terms, in helping plan for the challenges of recruiting, managing and retaining a larger workforce.

Organisations made more changes to some elements of people management than others. The areas of most common change were around:

  • investment in leadership and management development
  • performance management systems
  • introducing training for a broader range of staff accompanied by induction
  • communication activity around business strategy.

The value of IIP often lay in receiving validation of good practice and the potential marketing benefits of gaining the badge. Others saw value through the 'coherent framework' IIP offered to co-ordinate strategic planning activities.

There is evidence that some case study firms would benefit from additional support and guidance, potentially from IIP specialists, in interpreting the IIP framework and implementing change in varying organisational contexts.