Researching the Independent Production Sector

A Focus on Minority Ethnic Led Companies

Pollard E, Barkworth R, Sheppard E, Tamkin P |   | Pact/UK Film Council | Dec 2004

The film and TV industry has a poor record on diversity. There is low representation of minority groups, particularly those from minority ethnic backgrounds, in the workforce, and in content and portrayal.

This is a preliminary study that gathers known literature, industry data, expert views and primary data (both quantitative and qualitative) on the independent production sector within both the film sector and the TV sector. The key focus is to explore the experiences of 'minority ethnic led' (MEL) independent production companies, out of a concern that they may face particular barriers to success.

Key industry organisations are taking action on diversity, acknowledging its importance and recognising the business case for change. This report will add to the debate and act as a springboard for further action.