A Review of Community Race Relations (CRR) Training in the Metropolitan Police Service

Tamkin P, Pollard E, Tackey N D, Strebler M, Hooker H |   | Metropolitan Police Authority | Nov 2003

This report detailed the findings of an extensive review of Community and Race Relations training in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

Commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), the research was designed to provide an independent evaluation of the training, and more specifically, to:

  • assess the impact it had on bringing about changes to the views, attitudes and behaviour of police officers and civil staff at all levels in the MPS
  • assess the extent to which this training had contributed to increasing the trust and confidence in policing amongst minority ethnic communities
  • assess the extent to which the diversity principles promoted during the training had been integrated into the management systems and processes, and in management responsibility polices at local borough and operational command units
  • make recommendations that would inform the policy direction of Phase 2 of the MPS Diversity training.

This publication is no longer available.