A Review of Pay Comparability Methodologies

Brown D, Bevan S, Rickard C |   | Armed Forces' Pay Review Body | Dec 2016

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This IES report presents the findings of a short review carried out by IES on behalf of the Armed Forces' Pay Review Body (AFPRB) into pay comparability methodologies. Pay comparability is the process through which employers classify and reward their jobs and compare reward strategies with other organisations in order to assess competitiveness. This report aims to consider a range of methodologies that might be used to compare remuneration in the Armed Forces with relevant civilian organisations.

The objectives of the study included an investigation into the current and alternative approaches to pay comparability; a consideration of various approaches (including pension comparisons and total reward); and an explanation and critique of the available approaches, making recommendations on the possible approaches that the AFPRB could adopt in the future.

The report includes findings from a rapid evidence review on approaches to pay comparability; expert and group interviews; and offers analysis from IES of the AFPRB's current and future approach to pay comparability.