Review of the Reporting of Accidents and Incidents Involving Learners

Miller L, Ballard J, Suff P, Bates P, Hurstfield J, Akroyd K | Report 426 | Institute for Employment Studies | Aug 2005

The aim of this research was to identify factors that might contribute to under-reporting of accidents and incidents of learners, primarily apprentices and those on entry to employment (E2E) programmes.

The research consisted of a literature review, interviews with the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) regional health and safety managers, a review of the data on accident reports, focus groups with learners, a survey of learning providers and a survey of employers.

The findings served to confirm that organisational culture and supervision, individual attitudes and administration and communication were all factors contributing to the under-reporting of accidents.

The research concludes with a series of good practice examples from providers and employers and a series of recommendations to the LSC for actions that may help to improve reporting.