A Review of Training in Racism Awareness and Valuing Cultural Diversity

Tamkin P, Aston J, Cummings J, Hooker H, Pollard E, Rick J, Sheppard E, Tackey N D | RDS On-line Report OLR 09/02 | Home Office | Jan 2003

The report of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry acknowledged the existence of institutional racism and recommended that the provision of training be reviewed (recommendation 54).

Training in this area is recognised as an intervention that has the potential to move organisations towards preventing acts of racial discrimination aimed at their employees, clients or customers.

The findings of a study for the Home Office have been brought together in this detailed research report. Links to both the report and the separate report appendices are provided below.

In addition, a good practice guide is available that provides recommendations on what constitutes effective practice and guidance on how practice can be improved and strengthened. The guide aimed to help organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors, that were designing and implementing new training or strengthening their existing provision.