The Safe Learner

The impact of individual differences and workplace environment on attitudes to health and safety training

Miller L, Jagger N | Report 484 | Institute for Employment Studies | Jun 2011

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This reports details the second year of a two year project funded by the then Learning and Skills Council (now the Skills Funding Agency) looking at factors affecting the health and safety of young work-based learners.

It explores the impact of the 'Safe Learner' training model on learner behaviour in the workplace, while taking into account the role of supervisory attitudes, organisational safety climate, role overload and individual differences as moderating variables mediating the exhibition of safe or unsafe behaviours.

The project explored learners’ attitudes and beliefs towards health and safety, examined the organisational and individual difference factors that impact on learner health and safety at work and explored whether attitudes to safety change over time as a result of greater maturity, workplace safety culture, or further training.

The work revealed that while training is important, the role of the supervisor and organisational safety climate plays a larger role in protecting young learners. Individual differences between learners also play a part. The report includes recommendations to the Skills Funding Agency and providers aimed at improving the safety of young work-based learners.