Scoping the Development of Work and Cancer Support for SMEs

Executive Summary

Wilson S, Hicks B, Stevens H  | Report 494 | Institute for Employment Studies | Feb 2012

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Macmillan commissioned this scoping research with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify the challenges particular to smaller businesses who are managing employees affected by cancer.

The aim was to provide an evidence base to determine what Macmillan can do to help SMEs and how this might differ from what they currently, or plan to, offer large employers.

The work was conducted using in-depth interview methodology. A total of 35 employers were involved in the study all of whom had some experience of managing people affected by cancer. The sample was inclusive of micro, small and medium-sized businesses operating in a range of sectors. Interviews with 14 professionalswho worked closely with small businesses (‘intermediaries’) were conducted to obtain views from a broader, expert perspective.

This executive summary presents findings from the study that may be useful for employers and professionals dealing with long term conditions and sickness absence. This information may also be of interest to non-specialists wishing to learn more about the potential impact of cancer in the workplace.