SET for Success: the Report of Sir Gareth Roberts' Review

The supply of people with science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills

Roberts G |   | HM Treasury | Mar 2002

The Review identified a number of issues in school, further and highereducation, as well as in the labour market for science and engineering skills,that needed to be addressed in order to secure a strong future supply ofscientists and engineers in the UK.

The recommendations set out in this report, which represent challenges forthe Government, for employers and for the education system, are designedto help secure a strong supply of people with science and engineering skills.

The Review believes that implementing these recommendations will be acrucial element in achieving the Government's agenda for raising the R&Dand innovation performance of the UK to match the world's best.

The Review is clear that progress towards the goals set out in the report mustbe reviewed regularly in order to ensure that the UK's R&D and innovationperformance can grow as intended.

In particular, the Review recommendsthat that the Government should review progress on improving thesupply of scientists and engineers, encompassing all the areas identifiedby this Review, in three years' time, and take any further necessary actionto continue the process of improvement.