Skills Priorities and Scenarios in the Justice Sector

Usher T |   | Skills for Justice | Feb 2010

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This report details the findings of a research and consultation project conducted by the Institute for Employment Studies on behalf of Skills for Justice between September and November 2009. Skills for Justice is the dedicated Sector Skills Council covering all employers, employees and volunteers working in the UK justice sector.

This process was an opportunity to take stock of the current and emerging skills needs and priorities within the workforce and it offered employers, employee representatives and other stakeholders from across the justice sector an opportunity to inform the future strategic agenda concerning skills and employment.

The main objectives of this work were to:

  • identify key skills drivers, skills needs and priorities in the justice sector
  • develop a small number of future skills scenarios regarding the justice sector workforce to assist Skills for Justice to support the Justice sector in future workforce planning.

The research covered the UK as a whole, as well as highlighting features specific to UK nations and particular justice sector strands.