Skills Priorities Statement for the South East of England 2011-2012

Evidence Base Report

Hillage J, Cox A, Sissons P, Higgins T | Report 267 | South East England Development Agency | Sep 2010

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The South East Skills Priorities Statement explains the vital role skills play in attracting inward investment, developing high growth sectors, increasing innovation and driving up enterprise.

Equally, for individuals, skills are critical to securing employment, professional and career development, and to improving the overall quality of life. This evidence base provides the information and intelligence that support the Statement.

SEEDA has worked with the Institute for Employment Studies to compile this evidence base, using a range of quantitative sources such as government and employer surveys. These have been supplemented by qualitative evidence gained from regional and local partners. It underpins the South East Skills Priorities Statement which provides an overview of the skills required and shifts in investment needed to support jobs and economic growth.

The Statement sets out the skills priorities that require attention within and across the South East for 2011/12. Both activities have been overseen and supported by the Skills Working Group which comprises a range of partners with an interest and understanding of the skills agenda, drawn from across the South East.