Skillset National and Regional Consortia Research Toolkit

Maginn A |   | Skillset | Oct 2000

The Toolkit was written for Skillset national and regional Consortia. Its purpose was to assist staff in those organisations involved in commissioning or using research.

The Toolkit provides practical guidance on good practice. In all areas covered by this Toolkit, further support and advice is available from Skillset nationally, through its research team.

The Toolkit is not a guide for those who wish to undertake labour market or other research; there are alternative sources of guidance for such work. It concerns how best to:

  • define the research needs of your organisation
  • develop a research plan
  • attract and harness the inputs of partners in research
  • identify suitable types of contractors
  • commission research projects
  • ensure that ethical and quality standards are met by contractors.

This publication is no longer available.