Stepping Stones

An evaluation of foyers and other schemes serving the housing and labour market needs of young people

Maginn A, Frew R, O'Regan S, Kodz J |   | Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions | May 2000

The 1990s saw significant developments in provision to meet young people’s accommodation, training and employment needs.

The most high profile aspect of this provision was the introduction, and expansion of, Foyer schemes which aimed to support young people’s transition to independence by improving their employability and ability to secure and retain their own accommodation.

This is the report of a study comparing Foyer with other schemes which had broadly similar aims and served similar client groups. The study findings reflect the nature of provision in 1998 when the main fieldwork was undertaken.

Since then the number of operational Foyer schemes has increased substantially and developments in provision are likely to have had an impact on many aspects of service delivery.

This publication is no longer available.