Strategic HR

Building the Capability to Deliver

Reilly P, Williams A |   | Gower | Oct 2006

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HR has sought to reposition itself as a strategic contributor to organisations. To facilitate this, it has restructured, bringing in shared services, business partners and centres of expertise, simplifying, automating and rationalising processes, and devolving some activities to managers, whilst outsourcing others. HR has yet to give sufficient attention to the capability of the function to deliver against the added value promise.

This book looks at the developments that have brought HR to its present position. It sets out a vision of where HR might be headed, including a definition of its role and activities. It identifies a number of challenges that HR will have to face if it is to be effective and suggest solution. Challenges relate to skills, structures and relationships with stakeholders, be they line managers or employees.

The authors also highlight ways of monitoring HR performance and of demonstrating its value. It all adds up to an authoritative reference guide for all HR directors seeking to define their role and future aims, for those new to the function on the challenges they will face and for senior executives on what they should expect the added value to be from their HR function.

The book is available to buy from Gower on the link below. It is also published by Oficyna in Polish as:Strategiczne zarzadzanie zasobami ludzkimi.