Supporting learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to access European Social Fund Priority 2 and 5 provision

Evidence report September 2013

Marangozov R, Gloster R, Williams J, Culliney M, Vila-Belda Montalt J, Jacobsen Y, Cassey L |   | Skills Funding Agency | Sep 2013

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This research aimed to gather evidence to explain the apparent under-representation of learners declaring a learning difficulty and/or disability (LDD) in ESF Priority 2 and 5 provision that was identified during the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) of the programme.

Alongside this the work aimed to interpret the evidence into relevant actions and guidance to support the learning sector to address this apparent under-representation.

The methodology for this work consisted of:

  • a rapid evidence assessment
  • analysis of Individualised Learner Record data
  • an online survey of providers
  • 11 qualitative interviews with providers and staff from the Skills Funding Agency
  • 5 provider case studies
  • 3 action learning events.