Train to Gain Learner Evaluation: Report from Wave 3 Research

Levesley T, Regan J, Bellis A, Oakley J, Hillage J |   | Learning and Skills Council | Feb 2009

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Train to Gain was designed as a national service for businesses that provided help to identify and source training that would improve their business performance and the skills of their workforce. It aimed to encourage employers to invest in the development of the skills and qualifications of their employees.

This report presents the findings from the third wave of the Train to Gain learner evaluation, and is based on a telephone survey of 8,385 learners, plus qualitative interviews with 100 of those learners.

The research involved a follow-up of learners who took part in the first and second waves of this study, and a survey using a new sample of learners who had registered for Train to Gain between December 2007 and April 2008.