Training Participation by Age Amongst Unemployed and Inactive People

Newton B, Hurstfield J, Miller L, Akroyd K, Gifford J | Research Report DWPRR 291 | Department for Work and Pensions | Oct 2005

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This project examined the evidence relating to training by age amongst people who were unemployed or economically inactive.

The focus was on all adults aged between 16 and state pension age, since encouraging training throughout life is important to ensuring the supply of skills required by the economy.

This report presents the findings of three strands of research: a review of the evaluation and academic literature; analyses of the Labour Force Survey 2004 and National Adult Learning Survey 2002; and 22 interviews with individuals from 16 organisations with in-depth knowledge that qualified them to comment on relevant issues. These included government departments, regional agencies and voluntary sector organisations such as the Third Age Employment Network, the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education and Help the Aged.