UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships

Evaluation Scoping & Feasibility Study

Pollard E, Newton B, Gray H, Huxely C, Cockett J, Papoutsaki D, Cowling M,  |   | Institute for Employment Studies | May 2022

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The overarching aim of this scoping and feasibility study was to identify the appropriate methods to support answering the evaluation questions developed for the Future Leaders Fellowships (FLF) programme by proposing a suitable, workable approach to monitoring and evaluating the FLF programme.

Drawing on learning from other fellowship evaluations, as well as from wider evaluation work, the report considers potential approaches to:

  • process evaluation
  • theory-based and counterfactual impact evaluation
  • economic evaluation.

It also proposes specific outcome metrics that might be considered as part of an evaluation of FLF.