Understanding the Perspective of Potential Sponsors on the Points-Based System Sponsorship Arrangements

Bellis A, Williams M |   | Home Office | Apr 2008

This report outlines findings from a qualitative research study into the perspective of potential sponsors of migrant workers and overseas students on the new Points-Based System (PBS) sponsorship rules.

It supports the initial development of sponsorship arrangements for PBS by identifying issues that may arise in implementing the sponsorship arrangements. It also prepares the way for a wider future consultation.

More specifically, this research meets the following objectives:

  • To seek the views and attitudes of potential sponsors from Tiers Two and Four on how to take forward the proposed sponsorship arrangements with regard to sponsor ratings, responsibilities and compliance.
  • To explore, in particular, participants' views on what might encourage potential sponsors to comply with the proposed arrangements.
  • To identify the key issues which may arise in implementing the sponsorship arrangements and any areas which may be of concern to a particular tier and/or sector.