Unlocking employee productivity: The role of health and wellbeing in manufacturing

 | EEF - The Manufacturers’ Organisation | May 2018

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Investment to drive up productivity is relatively high in the UK's manufacturing sector, with initiatives recognising that a motivated, skilled and agile workforce is essential to an organisation's success. However, few employers in this sector invest in psychological and mental health initiatives that, research shows, can drive up productivity. This report, authored by IES on behalf of EEF, The Manufacturers' Organisation and Westfield Heath, examines this landscape and the wider relationship between employee wellbeing and productivity. 

The report is based on a survey of around 100 UK manufacturers, a literature review and employer case studies. It shows that there is room for improvement in how employers in manufacturing invest in their employees' wellbeing. Employers in manufacturing tend to invest more in traditional health and wellbeing strategies, focusing on compliance, physical health and the promotion of good health and safety practice, instead of psychological or mental health.

Tresearch offers several areas for manufacturers to focus on in order to align their health and wellbeing strategy with business goals, including considering staff engagement survey results and targeting interventions to support mental health awareness and reduce stigma.