Webinar & slides: Bridging the gap

Making young people a vital part of every workforce

Orlando C |   | Institute for Employment Studies  | Jan 2023

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In this session we outline findings from the latest IES employer research Bridging the gap: making young people a vital part of every workforce 

The research, led with over 1,000 businesses, looks at employers’ perspectives and experiences of good quality youth employment. It explores employers’ views on good quality work, recruitment, management and workplace practices, engagement with education and employment services, as well as challenges and support needs, and what can work to improve access to better quality employment for all young people across the UK.

Lead researcher Cristiana Orlando is joined by IES Director Tony Wilson and REC Deputy CEO Kate Shoesmith, to discuss the implications of the research for policy, employers and the wider employment sector. Presentation slides are available to download at the bottom of this page.