Women in London's Economy: Qualitative Research

Hurstfield J, Miller L, Page R, Willison R, Loukas G | Report 437 | Institute for Employment Studies | Dec 2005

This qualitative research conducted by IES for the Greater London Authority, examines:

  • influences on women's employment choices, perceptions and experiences
  • attitudes to training and employment of women in sectors identified as areas of growth by GLA Economics (financial services; legal services; ICT; creative and media; and administration)
  • work and employment practices that form barriers to equality in these sectors
  • other specific policies and practice, including best practice.

This report contains the complete research findings for the GLA study.

Chapter 3 of the GLA's report 'Women in London's Economy' presents an abridged version of the IES findings. Download the free complete GLA report: http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor/economic_unit/wile/