Workplace Health Connect Pilot

Evaluation Findings

Tyers C, Lucy D, Carta E, Savage J, Kossykh Y, Bailey Y | Research Report  | Health and Safety Executive | Jan 2010

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Workplace Health Connect (WHC) pilot was launched in February 2006 and ran until February 2008.

It was a free, no-obligation service which aimed to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with advice on workplace health issues in order to increase the level of healthy workplaces across England and Wales.

The pilot included an extensive evaluation of the service to inform the further development of the occupational health, safety and return to work (OHSR) model underpinning the design of this and other HSE pilots. The objectives for the evaluation were to:

  • Assess the net impact of the service on the incidence and duration of occupationally related ill-health and injury, and to identify which model of support had the greatest impact.
  • Assess the operation of the regional pilots, identify their costs and benefits, and perceived barriers to full use of service; also to assess the key lessons for improving the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of OHSR support services in the future.
  • Assess the operation of the national adviceline in the same way.