Workplace policy and management practices to improve the health of employees: Evidence Review 1

Hillage J, Holmes J, Rickard C, Marvell R, Taskila T, Bajorek Z, Bevan S, Brine J | NICE guidelines NG13 | National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) | Jun 2015

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This report is the first of a series of evidence reviews. It includes evidence from five studies about the way in which supervisors can affect the wellbeing of the people they manage.

While four of the five studies generally indicated that a positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee enhanced the latter’s wellbeing, the studies tended to focus on either one particular aspect of the supervisor/supervisee relationship, a particular aspect of employee wellbeing or a particular group of workers and are of limited applicability to the UK.

It was expected that more comprehensive and illuminating evidence would be generated by the following two reviews as they were likely to include a wider range of papers.