Alma Boustati

BA, MSc, PhD

Research Officer

Alma joined IES as a Research Officer in October 2020. Her main interests include labour market structures and policies, employment and disability, and the gender wage gap with a focus on the UK and the Middle East. She completed a PhD in Economics at SOAS, University of London where she explored issues pertaining to labour force participation using a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques.


2020 SOAS, University of London PhD, Economics
2015 Warwick University MSc, Economics 
2014 American University of Beirut BSc, Economics


2018‑2019 Research Associate, Economic Research Forum (ERF)
2017 PhD Intern, United Nations University World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER)


Boustati, A. (2020) The Evolution of Female Labour Force Participation in Jordan. Economic Working Paper 236. London, United Kingdom: SOAS. 

Boustati, A. and Walsh, A. (2020) Insecurity and Migration in North Africa. K4D Helpdesk Repor. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.

Walsh, A. and Boustati, A. (2020) Trade integration in North Africa: impediments and opportunities. K4D Helpdesk Repor. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.

Elbadawi, I. Boustati, A. Fallah, B. Louis, M. Makdisi, S. Youssef, J. Albinyan, R. Tumen, S. (2019) Repatriation of Refugees from Arab Conflicts: Conditions, Costs and Scenarios for Reconstruction. Femise Euromed Report. Cairo, Egypt: Femise and ERF.