Beatrice Rosolin


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Research Officer

Beatrice joined IES as a Research Intern in September 2022, before progressing to Research Officer in March 2023. Her research interests include issues around mental health and its stigma in the workplace, and young people’s transitions into employment.

Beatrice gained a BSc in Business and Management Studies with Psychology at the University of Sussex, where she gained foundational qualitative and quantitative research and analytical skills. Her research focused on HR issues such as recruitment, selection and learning and development. She then went on to complete an MSc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology at the University of Sussex, where she explored the impacts of workplace health and wellbeing interventions on individual and organisational-level outcomes. Her postgraduate dissertation examined the antecedents of employees’ prejudicial attitudes towards their co-workers affected by mental health issues, and how these affect absenteeism and presenteeism rates.  

Since joining IES Beatrice has used her research skills on mixed methods projects exploring education and employment. This includes conducting and analysing interviews with a range of stakeholders; contributing to meta-analyses and systematic reviews; analysing surveys; and conducting desk and literature reviews.

Research publications