Charlotte Edney


Research Fellow

Charlotte joined IES as a Research Fellow in October 2021. She holds a Masters degree in Economics from Lancaster University and is studying for a PhD, also in Economics. From this, she has gained experience in using a variety of quanititative methods to evaluate government policy. Charlotte has worked on a range of topics, from evaluating the success of a welfare policy change in encouraging lone mothers into work, to examining the extent to which receiving child maintenance can improve child outcomes in separated families. More recently, she has analysed the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental well-being. She has used various UK household surveys, cohort studies and administrative data in her work. Her research interests are wide-ranging and span from welfare policy, inequality and more broadly labour economics, including education research. 


2017 University of Lancaster MSc Economics
2015 Fachochschule Wiener Neustadt BA Business Consultancy Intenational


2015 - 2016 Junior research analyst Statista