Kyla Ellis


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Research Officer

Kyla joined IES as a Research Officer in July 2024 following twelve years as an academic in higher education. Kyla completed a PhD in Social Policy at the University of Brighton in 2012 before going on to teach sociology where she focused on inequalities and parenting  and covered areas such as work/life balance, the precariat and the impact of parenthood on work.

Kyla draws on her experience conducting social policy research with young parents where she has built a strong publication record. She specialises in qualitiative research and has utilised participant observation, focus groups, participatory research approaches and various interview techniques including narrative and life course interviewing.

Her main interests include equality and diversity issues, ‘education and the path to employment’, and ‘unemployment and welfare’.


2012 University of Brighton PhD, Social Policy
2008 University of Brighton PG Cert Research Methods
2007 University of Brighton BA Hons Social Policy


2011-2024 Sociology Lecturer and Researcher University of Brighton


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