FAQ for Engaging Manager 360 Survey

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What is IES?

The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) is an independent, apolitical, international centre of research and consultancy in HR issues. It works closely with employers in all sectors, government departments, agencies, professional bodies and associations. IES is a focus of knowledge and practical experience in employment and training policy, the operation of labour markets, and HR planning and development. IES is a not-for-profit organisation.

IES has been commissioned to run this Engaging Manager 360° process within your organisation and to produce personal, confidential reports.

How do I know my answers and report will be confidential?

IES is managing the whole questionnaire and report generation process so that participants can have confidence that information will remain confidential. The questionnaire is owned and operated by IES and all data is sent back to IES who will analyse it and produce the report.

Snap, who are hosting the survey on behalf of IES, hold an ISO 27001 certificate which is the highest possible standard for information security.

All questionnaire data will be stored within a password-protected file that only the analysts will have access to and no individuals, other than the recipient manager, will be individually identifiable in the report.

If you are a recipient manager you will receive a personalised and confidential report. This will not be shared with anyone else at your organisation nor third party organisation. The report will be stored as a password-protected document and is sent only to you: no one else will see it unless you choose to share it.

How will IES use the data?

IES will keep your data for research purposes only. This will not be shared with your organisation or any third parties. Our data protection policy is available on request.

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