The engaging manager in development mode

Marvell R, Robinson D, Hirsh W  | Engaging Manager Report Series 492 | Institute for Employment Studies | Aug 2014

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This report explores the engaging manager as a developer, drawing on in-depth discussions with the managers themselves, their own managers, and their teams. We also draw on findings from our earlier research into Managers as Developers of Others.

Engaging managers have had very different experiences of formal personal development, ranging from practically none to considerable investment in internal and external leadership programmes.

However, they all have a development focus when it comes to managing their teams. Typically, they manage performance very well, and in doing so understand the different development needs of individuals within the team. They adopt a coaching style, and will look for opportunities for team members, or the team as a whole, to shine.

This might be an opportunity to gain a place on a talent programme, or become involved in a special project or secondment, or simply to try out something different. The report gives some practical advice to managers who would like to improve their development focus.

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